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Create the perfect statement piece for any space. 


About the Artist

"Talent is nothing more than a pursued interest." -Bob Ross

Artisan making a live edge wood and epoxy coffee table
Artisan with Pecky Sinker Cypress wood to make a custom live-edge table
live edge wood coffee table
Hancrafting a custom epoxy and wood table top out of pecky cypress wood
Woman artisan who handmakes custom tables
woman woodworker putting hairpin legs onto a live edge wood and epoxy coffee table

"It all started with a pursued interest."

My journey into making custom furniture and home decor started with my interest in obtaining a resin and wood table top for my camper. I searched for someone locally who created this type of piece, but had no luck. Without wanting to spend too much money on purchasing a table and having it shipped to me, I thought "what if I just learn how and make it myself?" And that's exactly what I did.


I watched videos and did a lot of "trial and error," which cost me time and materials, but was well worth the knowledge I gained from my hands-on experience. After a lot of sanding, and I mean A LOT of sanding, I experimented with the resin colors and pour process until I was pleased with the result.


I learned as I went along and could not be more proud of the product I produced, a product that I use every day as my own custom camper table top. After that experience, and the fact that I did my work publicly outside of my fiance's sculpture studio, my table began to get recognition and I started to get requests to make other custom table tops.


One piece led to another and well, here I am. I am still learning and growing in my craft, but I can truly say that my pursued interest in creating a custom table top led me to discover talents I didn't know were hidden inside of me. 


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