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An Artisan At Work

"It is good for our soul to create with our hands."

Hand-carved and hand-crafted out of hardy White Oak, this original coffee table features a sunflower, with its petals and stems carved out to be filled with colored epoxy resin. The process of creating with ones hands provides for a deep connection with each piece, molding its rough and rigid edges to produce a fine piece of functional furniture. The bright and playful design brings with it a natural peace that blesses any space in a home. 


Noun, Japanese

"Flawed Beauty"

"Looking for beauty within the imperfections of life."

I practice the ideal of "Wabi-Sabi" in my craft. I find "imperfections" in my materials and give them new life by adding color, depth, and making them the focal point of the product. As in life, we need to seek the beauties in imperfections in this same way to reshape our beliefs and find more inner peace. 

"The key to great design is capturing the spirit of the client and the essence of the space."

For this custom desk top, I built my design off of my clients interests and together we created a piece that embodied his love for the ocean, for his pet bird and for his health. I hand carved a coastline into the wood and then filled it with crushed calcite stone to represent sand. I layered the blue epoxy to be true to the natural coloration of the ocean and then placed white wash waves moving towards the shoreline. To make the piece exceptionally unique and original, my client asked if I could implement a feather from his pet bird into the desk design. I floated the vibrant feather in the epoxy along one of the corners to give it its own focus. My client works from home and wanted a table that could withstand sturdy electrical legs to make this desk both a sitting and/or standing piece. To accommodate for the depth of the legs, I put a thick top layer of epoxy to ensure the table would be solid. 

"Home Sweet Camper"

This custom camper kitchenette table was created to make a tiny space feel more like a home. With the addition of custom furniture, one can make any space their own and add the special touches and comforts they desire. I used Pecky Cypress wood and epoxy resin to create this unique camper table top. 

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