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The Best Epoxy I have Found So Far AND It's Cheaper Than Most!

Formerly Pro Marine -----> Now Called "Promise Epoxy"

Who doesn't love a deal, eh? Especially when the product delivers a great result!

After scouring the "interwebs" as a broke epoxy newbie, I was led down the rabbit hole of blogs until I found one that told me exactly what I wanted to hear! And that was that Amazon sold an affordable and high-quality epoxy that could get to my doorstep in less than 8 hours...Sign me up!

Now to speak of the product itself...It is a simple 1:1 mix ratio with minimal bubbling. Yes, you heard that right. MINIMAL BUBBLING. The full cure time is somewhere around 72 hours (standard for epoxy), but the epoxy begins to get tacky and start the drying process fairly quickly, The finish is extremely glossy and does an above-average job of self-leveling.

I have not used another epoxy since starting with this brand and I don't intend to!

Give it a try for yourself and let me know how it goes :)

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