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Pecky Cypress Epoxy Console Table
Handmade Tables. Live Edge Wood. Epoxy Resin Designs. Custom Furniture. 

I create custom, hand-made, live edge wood and epoxy resin furniture and home decor. I source the finest woods and leave the naturally beautiful holes, cracks, and defaults to be filled with dyed epoxy resin. This creates a truly original piece, that is both functional and a work of art. 


Modern and Rustic Designs
Epoxy River Coffee Table
Pecky Cypress Accent Table
Pecky Sinker Cypress Wood

/ 'Kraf (t) smǝn, SHip /
1. The quality of design and work shown in something made by hand ; Artistry.

"Sawmill Creative Designs always produces pieces of fine craftsmanship."

The Making of A Pecky Cypress wood and epoxy Custom Desk

Do you have a favorite sports team? Do you want to display the team colors everywhere you go? Why not implement them into a custom epoxy table or desk, like I did in this video!! Be the talk of the team with a custom piece of functional furniture in your home that embodies your love as a fan!

Reach out today to work together and make a custom masterpiece that will add value and beauty to any space!


100% Handmade

  • Coffee Tables

  • Console Tables

  • Dining Tables

  • Bar Tops

  • Accent Tables

  • Conference Tables

  • Desks

  • Accent Walls

I create Bespoke furniture that is unique, original and a functional piece of art. All of my pieces are handmade using the highest quality epoxy resin and beautiful and rare species of wood. 

I work in partnership with my clients, allowing them to use their creativity through out the whole process, so that we can envision and create a unique work of art that adds value and beauty to any space.

One Of A Kind Craftsmanship

Artisan of wood and epoxy furniture and tables, screwing the legs on to a custom console table.


Sawmill Creative Designs is a woman-owned and woman-run custom furniture and home decor manufacturer. All products are lovingly hand-made, using only high-quality materials and valuable wood species. We design and build high-end custom pieces for individual clients, interior designers, commercial properties, hotels, etc. 

We strive to work in partnership with our clients to envision and create a unique work of art that adds value and beauty to any space.

By bringing out and combining the natural beauty of the different types of wood with the uniquely dyed epoxy resin, our products not only stand out in a room, but also bring nature back to life in the form of art. 


A Word From Our Clients

"We are in love with our custom camper table top! It makes our tiny space feel so much more like a home and it is definitely the talk of the campground! Crista was such a pleasure to work with, from letting us pick the wood, resin colors, frequent updates, etc. We will be buying more tables in the future! If you are thinking of purchasing a custom hand-made piece from this artist, DO IT!"


Boca Raton, FL

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